Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What doesn’t kill us, Only makes us stronger!!!

I have had a very busy week.
This week I have been traveling back and forth to Brunswick, GA.
No it was not for fun it was for Doctors appointments and test.
I have been seeing an orthopedic sports surgeon.
He has decided that I have disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, nerve, and muscles due to surgery that was done on my foot.
In the back of my mind I was saying “duh” now tell me something I don’t know.
He said he could not say for sure what she done when she operated on my foot.
He also said the MRI & CAT SCAN shows she trapped some nerves in-between the bones in my foot.
Because of this he cannot get rid of the pain, but he would try to operate and relieve some of the pain.
He said there would be no guarantees.
I am at the point that I don’t want to go through surgery again.
I am tired of seeing doctors and being poked and probed.
I give up, I want to just move on with my life and deal with it on my own.
I pray that God will make me strong enough to deal with it or take me out of it all.
He’s the only doctor I trust anymore.
What doesn’t kill us, Only makes us stronger!!!


  1. come out come out whereever you are!!!! sorry I have been not around much lately.....things are crazy

  2. Sorry for not being more sociable. Have been really busy spring cleaning and trying not to let pain rule my life. Even though, Sometimes I think it may be winning.


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spinning around

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My little Elf
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