Thursday, June 19, 2008

Following up on award rules.

OK, I said I was going to follow the rules of the award mommasong give me.
First of all I don’t have that many blogger buddies. I have a lot of blogs I like to read.
So here it goes I will do my best.
1st. I have to send this back to For her inspiring sisterhood. She is the sister I never had. Thank you girl for all you do. Your smile lifts my spirit.
2nd. I have to send this one out to Jennifer at. For being a caring soul. Each word I read on her blog makes me feel like I have always known her.
3rd. I must send one to. having such a cool blog. She has always got something great to post.
4th. This one has got to go to If you haven’t stopped in on that blog you have got to make the time to check it out. There is always something good to read and great photos. No wooden nickels for this girl.
5th.I have to send this one out to . Anyone who knows me knows I am a quilting freak. And this site is close to my heart. She is a great quilter. I love this site.


  1. Betty,
    Thank you so much for the blog award!!
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. You are so welcome. And as for me I'm alive. I would say and kicking, But I haven’t been doing much kicking lately. LOL,


spinning around

spinning around

My little Elf

My little Elf
In front of our tree

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