Saturday, October 6, 2007

That inner peace

Have you ever found that moment in the middle of the night.
That single moment when in the dark.
It is so quite, you can hear your on heart beating.
And you can hear the clock ticking from the other room.
And in that quite, You take the time to reflect on your life.
and realize. At that very moment,
You have inner peace.
And everything seems so perfect.
And you know in your heart,
You are exactly where you were meant to be.

Even though we moan and groan,
Bitch and gripe.about our spouses.
And, God knows we have earned that wright.
We all have to admit there was a time,
When you could look in his eyes.
And Just Know.....
Can you remember. What it was like way back when,
When we fell in love with that wonderful person we are lying next to.
And even though it seems sometimes.
He's not the same man you fell in love with.
You have to know in your heart,
Your not the same quite sweet girl he fell in love with either.
Somehow through the years, We become hard.

Some call it becoming strong,

But in our every day rut we seem to forget how to Smile.
You seem to put laughter on the back burner.
And romance is not our priority.
We seem to forget how to make time in our life,
To turn back the clock, and become the person we once was.
We need to always remember.
To make wonderful memories of your life together.

Some people search there whole life for what you have found.
I know, Because I am blessed so much to be one of the lucky one.
And I wish the same for you.


  1. See I told you this rocks. Keep it up. Doesn't feel great to just blog and blog. lol Now add the sitemeter and you can track visits to your blog....

  2. YOU got sitemeter go girl.....

  3. Ok get ready for your next post...I am waiting.


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spinning around

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My little Elf
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