Wednesday, October 10, 2007


As they say.
My children are boomerangs...

Prepair your self ladys, if you don't have this problem, there is a 50 percent chance you will in the future.

How odd is this phrase - The meaning for a boomerang is that you throw it; it goes out and then returns to you . I guess we all raise our children to be boomerangs all the time -when they are young. we send them everywhere and we do want them to return, but when they are adults,we send them out to live independently - and you never plan to have them return home again. At least not to live.

When they boomerang back home , it can put stress on us all, because as much as we love our children - we all know the reasons they boomerang home it is because of problems they encountered.
And they expect us to bail them out. When you have a son almost 23 that boomerangs home constantly. And when he returns home, both him and his father seems to think you should be his maid. And, he becomes a messy toddler again.
Not really, but it seems that way.
It can really put a lot of stress on your marriage.

I mean "Oh my god" he's not a baby. He is a grown man that should have responsibility's.

And don't even get me started on our daughter. She claims to be a strong independent 24 year old single mother. That refuses to come home to let us help with the baby.
But, continuously she call mommy & daddy for money.
And being, what he thinks is the perfect father.
He rushes to send it to her. Even if it puts us in a bind.

I am at the point. I want to divorce them all.
Don't get me wrong, I love my husband very much.
And I will always love my children.
But it seems more and more every day,
I am disappearing in my own house.
I am constantly being told to let it go. She will grow up one day.
And when it comes to my needs they always have to wait.
Because money is to tight.
I mean the last time I bought clothes was when he was in Iraq.
And then it was necessities.
I have tried talking to him. He don't want to hear it.
Because I am the one that's wrong.
Please tell me, Is it me ? am I the evil Bitch... They all say I am.
All I want is to grow old with my husband.
I have spent to many years waiting for this time in our life.
I need advice !!! Any suggestions ? Please help....

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  1. NO you know you are not wrong. It is time to break the apron strings and let them make their own mistakes. You can be there to hug and tell them you love them but you can not condone the way they are living their lives especially when it affects other lives...yours, your husbands and innocent children.


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