Sunday, June 8, 2008

Still alive...

OK, I know you probably think I have fallen off the face of the earth.
No I haven’t, I am still here. So much has been going on with me and my foot.
The pain has really been too much to handle. And every Dr. I see has the same answer for me.
All of this seems to have drawled me into my own little world. This embarrasses me because; I have always taken pride in the fact that I am a strong person. So much has happened to me in my life and I have always been a survivor. But this pain has really been more then I want to bear. I hate to admit that but it’s true. I find I am pulling myself deeper into a black hole. Most of us spend our life taking so much for granite. Just have one to say to anyone out there who reads this. Please cherish every step you take
And thank God that you don’t have pain with every step. I know that I am lucky that it’s not any worse. I will force myself to continue to push on and pray a lot. I have always believed things happen for a reason. I haven’t always claimed to know what that reason is but I have to except the fact that the reason is still there. No matter what I will continue to push forward. Even though it’s painful I will continue to push forward. I can’t let this get me down. I have been through worse and came through it a stronger woman. And I will beat this one too. Even if it means losing the foot. “Hay, look at the bright side. If they have to take my foot maybe they can replace it with a spring. Because I could use some bounce in my step again. (LOL) ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying…


  1. You ARE a very strong person! Don't kid yourself! Look at what you have endured already. You can make it through know why??? Because you have your Lord and Savior standing right beside you every inch of the way!! Don't let that devil bring you down into depression. He would love to do that! Don't give him the satisfaction!!!!!

    I can tell you that I know where you are coming from a little. I don't know if you have read my blog lately, but I have a torn hamstring in my right leg and with every step I feel pain right now. I can understand a little of where you are coming from. I have been a big baby during the last couple of weeks and I can't imagine dealing with this pain for as long as you have. This is why I say you ARE a very strong lady.

    I will be much in prayer for your healing and the Lord's will to be done in your situation.

  2. Thank you for your Prayers and words of encouragement.
    God knows I need them. I know this is just another stepping stone in my life.
    I have been through a great deal of trials in my life. And I know we never fight our battles along.
    And I know God has a reason for everything. Even though we may not know what it is. He always knows
    What the future holds. I have always heard God will never put on us more then he thinks we can handle.
    He has more faith in us then we can ever have in him or ourselves. But sometimes I just want to tell him he should not trust me so much. (LOL.) (LOL)
    Sometime soon I will blog about my life so you will understand a little more.

  3. Hi All. Hope everyone of you are doing well today.


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spinning around

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My little Elf
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