Friday, May 16, 2008

Mothers day

Well I guess I should start out by telling you about my mother’s day.
We started our day out with church. Even though my children did not go with me I felt very privileged to have my mother go with me and my husband. I was as proud as any mother there. R and I. took my mother straight from church and out to eat. We ate at Longhorns. My mother looked so cute. She wore a dress I bought her for mother’s day. We had a wonderful day. After the restraint we went to walmart.
Where she picked out some candy. She could have picked anything she wanted. But she wanted
Milk duds. Go figure! As for my children my son had to work but before he had to leave out he sneaks into my bedroom early that morning crawls into bed with me and wraps his arms around me with a big hug he said Happy Mother’s day mom and you know I love you. He continued to tell me that he did not know what he would do without me. And as I held my 23 year old son in my arms telling him that I love him too, and I always have and I always will. I could not help but think of the days when he was just a little boy crawling into bed with momma. And I suddenly realized it doesn’t matter how old they get or how big. The little boys in our lives will always be mommas little boys. And as for my daughter, I never got a call from her and when I called she never answered. But that’s ok I never expected anything else from her. And it may sound mean but I can’t wait till the day comes when her baby is grown and forgets to call momma on mother’s day or birthdays. And I wait for a time to come when her child doesn’t call unless he needs money or something else.
That will be when I know in my heart what goes around comes around.
My grandmother once told me always be good to your parents because the trouble you give to them will return to you seven fold. So I grew up believing if I done anything to hurt them in any way.
God would send it back on me 7 times as bad. Two this very day I respect my parents and anyone older than me.
Well anyway I just wanted to tell everyone out there I hope you had a very wonderful mother’s day.


  1. It sounds like you really made Mother's Day special for your Mother. How sweet of you and your husband.

    Your son sounds like a true Momma's boy. That's great. I completely agree about little boys will always being Momma's boys. No matter how old my boys get, they will always be my little boys.

    One day your daughter will realize what she is missing.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. YOU know how I feel about that! Well we didn't really do anything to special. YOU know how R is with Holidays.


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spinning around

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My little Elf
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