Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Smell all the flowers in your garden

You know sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers. My day started out pretty routine.
The same as it always does. up by 5 am . As I send my two men off to work , I have my 2 cups of coffee, vacuum, make beds start a load of wash. and its off to my sewing room . To work on a quilt for my grandson. "Oh, before I go any farther you should all know. I don't really have 2 men .It's not like that at all. I have my husband and my son. LOL. But as I was saying, I worked on my quilt for a while. And about 9:00 my mother called. She was board . You have to understand something about my mother, She is a very beautiful single 66 year old.
She is very young at heart. I mean this lady has had more dates in the past year then I had in my teens. Heck I should say more then I had in my life. But, she called me because she was board. So I tell her I will come and get her. I tell her to call when she is ready. She says. Honey I was ready when I called. OK first of all I was wearing sweat pants and an old T-shirt. House cleaning clothes. She did not care come on. So I grabbed some shoes drove to the other end of town and pulled in her drive. I didn't even have time to turn off the key. And she was at my window. OK we come home for me to clean up. Me, not the house. and head to town. while we are making our rounds, We are stopped by one good looking man after another. all of them had to stop an say hi to my mother. And let me tell you half of the men flirting with her were not much older then me. I have always said I hope when I am her age I can only pray to look as good as my mother. But anyway, we got on the subject of MEN... OK wrong thing to do with my mom. But being the insane person I am . I had to ask her what she looked for in a man. What was her idea man. OK here it was she said , I use to not be sure what kind of man I really wanted. I have spent most of my life looking. But now I know. I said well what the answer. Well honey first he has to be breathing. hahahaha. But that's not all. I need a man that will be loving, kind, and always treat me like there's no one else in the world when we our together. And a lot of money would not hurt. ha,ha,ha,ha,. So I ask her , If you have figured out what you are looking for in a man. Why do you still date so much . She said I may know ,what I want. I just haven't found that man yet. And until I do, I am going to smell all the flowers in the garden. You know I never looked at it that way before. But I think maybe that's what keeps her so young.

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  1. She is one Rockin 66 year old...I have met her and take it from me. I only hope that I am still kicking it like she does...


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spinning around

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My little Elf
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